Curator's Thoughts: Hannah Surace

January 1, 2023
Curator's Thoughts: Hannah Surace

I am so thrilled to present my second exhibition of Hannah Surace’s work. In her latest pieces, Surace has expanded upon her use of color, unique texture, and bold graphic elements. This collection of large paintings and works on paper demonstrate what I love about Surace’s work the most: the use of recognizable iconography like hearts or stars that transport me back to my childhood doodling in the margins of my notebook. 


Her process is all about collecting. She collects unique color combinations, different textures, and patterns. Each element invokes for her feelings of comfort or nostalgia. Then drawing on an iPad, Surace starts to digitally compose the work. Once settled with the formal composition, she loosely translates this digital image onto canvas. 


It is the rich layering of her collection that make each work so visually interesting. Surace references her own personal history while simultaneously creating works that remind the viewer of their own personal history. This collection incorporates stars throughout various works. This star is a reference to her mother, a teacher, who let Surace help grade paper’s with a star. 


Surace really knows how to create a rich surface. She picks an aspect of the composition to emphasize with texture. The texture is created through building of acrylic mediums, and the result Surace likens to sand or cake frosting adding an element of play to each piece. 


Play is at the heart of this collection. I hope viewing this collection reminds you that art in its essence is playful and fun. 


X, Charlotte Russell

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