At home with Charlotte

Step inside Charlotte's artfilled home.
December 13, 2022
At home with Charlotte

My husband and I have moved five times in the last eight years. With each move our family grew even bigger and now includes two rambunctious spirited young children and the most loving english cream golden retriever. Our city has changed, our jobs have changed, and our housing has changed, but the one constant throughout the chaos of the last few years is the artwork we collect. 


My art collection is not only a collection of artworks by a collection of my memories. Walking around my home is like traveling through a photo album as each artwork reminds me of a specific moment in my life. Each piece holds a different importance to me.


Jen Matthews painting hanging in my kitchen titled Walk the Jetty is a  reminder me of how grounded I feel while walking on the beaches of Cape Cod and Bald Head Island. I love this painting so much, I had architect and furniture maker, Paul Hobgood create a kitchen table inspired by this piece. Sydney Zester's textile hanging over my bed in the primary titled Carosel Thoughts is a reminder of how to tame my anxious looping thoughts. King Nobuyoshi Godwin's painting, The bird is having a relax day because it is with the fish and the leaves "88", reminds me to relax and find the joy in the day to day. Hannah Surace's painting Two and Two hanging on my landing reminds me of finding the silver lining in rough times like a picnicking outdoors with my children during the lockdown. Each selected artowkr holds a memory and a reminder.


As an art gallery owner, I see a lot of amazing artworks so the works that I choose to come home with me are chosen with extreme care. These works are the backdrop for my life. Here I invite you into my home to showcase the works that inspire me. 


Photographed by Cat Nguyen and styled by GTHRd by HD. 


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