Sayde Laine Anderson

Sayde Laine Anderson is a multidisciplinary artist, community builder and maker working across disciplines to explore environmental and social issues through traditional craft techniques based
in Durham, North Carolina. 

Her work is inspired by rethinking the relationship between art, sustainability, and community. She has been experimenting with natural dyes for the past six years and continues to find herself eager to explore the intersection of natural materials and plant color. Throughout her childhood, she was surrounded by an abundance of natural color and texture. She has found herself wanting to deepen her connection to the land through her art and the natural bounty of color around us. Natural color has given her practical purpose, creative opportunity as well as wonder and awe of getting to know the plants and ecology around us, the slow awakening to the beauty of the day to day.

Sayde’s work is very experimental, she is curious to see what plants or materials could extract a natural colorfast dye. In her practice of working with plant-based color, she forages for and has begun to grow dye plants in her yard and at a local flower farm. As often as she uses whole
plants rather than extracts, she is becoming more aware of their seasonal availability, growth cycles and color potential. This is the beauty of natural color, a seasonal palette for each season!

2018 - Public Art Commission, "Hands of the Baker", Fiber, Urban Garden Performing Arts
2019 - Public Art Commission, "On the Way", Fiber, Hope College
2020 - Public Art Commission, "Around the Throne", Fiber, Pillar Church

2021 - Public Art Commission, "Lovely Still", Fiber, Bellwether Arts
2021 - Public Art Commission, "Today, Maybe Tomorrow", Fiber, Brehm Center
2022 - Public Art Commission, "Empty", Fiber, Calvin Worship Renewal Grant
2022 - Private Collection, "Wabi-Sabi", Fiber, Khara Aleilani

2018- Group Exhibition, Bread Show, Holland Arts Council Holland, MI (Curated by PJ Maske)
2019 - Group Exhibition, O Antiphon's, Bell Tower Gallery, Holland, MI
2021 - Solo Exhibition, Devotions, Durham, NC
2022 - Solo Exhibition, Heirloom, Roberts' Gallery, Chapel Hill, NC