Nan Jones creates art becuase it brings her joy. Since childhood she has been captivated by various artistic styles and methods because they allow her to express herself. Nan can still remember the way it made her feel the first time she used oil pastels- the way they effortlessly slid across the paper felt like magic.

Now a full-time artist working from her cottage studio in Raleigh NC, Nan continues to feel most alivewhen she is creating. When she approaches a blank canvas, Nan does not have a plan or an ending in mind. She lets her hands flow, starting with a limited color palette and working in more unexpected colors as she goes. Texture and layering are the cornerstones of her work. She doesnt shy away from large amounts of paint and loves to incorporate gestural marks, which adds interest and dimension. 


Nan grew up in Charlotte NC but has lived in Raleigh for a good part of her adult life. In addition to her canine studio companion, Nan is supported by husband Todd and their two children, McCrea and Camp.