Each time I approach the canvas, it feels like an opportunity to exercise freedom. Using a variety of materials— including acrylic, pencil, gouache and ground soil— I allow my instinctive movement to lead while letting my mind rest.

My background in graphic design as well as my love for vintage and traditional textiles are a guiding force in the composition of each work. Yet, as these disciplines implore precision in line and detail, I find a greater sense of success in my work when I choose to handle line and shape loosely. In this way, I find that a seemingly rigid composition takes on a sense of playfulness.


I am largely inspired by my young children and their innocent and uninhibited nature. By painting, I am able to escape the rigidity of adulthood and explore new ideas, utilize my imagination and play with materials. My desire for my work is that it allows the viewer to visit a joyful, uninhibited place within themselves.