Maggie Perrin-Key

Maggie Perrin-Key’s bright paintings explore abstract elements of our physical world in an effort to build relationships with the subconscious. She investigates the difference between observational and intuitive creative processes as she draws, collages, cuts paper and paints her way through creating a familiar and vibrating visual scene. 

She uses color palettes connected to specific memories, and familiar shapes who’s definition reflects how far away in time those memories live. Maggie activates the space with movement while maintaining flat blocks of color. She begins a painting by first recording the memory in colored pencil on paper less than eight inches on either side. This step before blowing the composition up into larger than life size allows for a moment of translation; from brain and body, to small paper recording, and finally to fully rendered encapsulating painting. She takes memories that exist in the ether and brings them into full bodied life.