Peter Marín’s abstract work references architecture, landscape, the handmade, sacred geometry, identity and uses the languages of color and abstraction. For Marin, being Mexican plays a central theme in his painting.  As a Latino artist, his intention is to further the discussion on abstraction, moving it from formalist proposals to a more personal vision. Abstraction as a language holds a significant role in his development as an artist and in his participation in contemporary art.



Marin uses his experiences with Mexican craft art to maintain, transmit and celebrate his traditions.  He produces varying scale ofrendas using and creating Mexican artesanias, in particular those surrounding Dia de Muertos, this includes making ofrendas that include papel picado, clay, papel mache, retablos, dioramas and sugar skulls.  


Marín shapes his artistic decisions with his personal sensibilities stemming from his painting practice/experience/education of over 30 years. These ideas have shaped his personal abstract language, motivating further interest in painting and reinforcing his traditional practices with Mexican craft.