Most of my abstract paintings are filled with bright colors that make me happy. I use broad strokes of acrylic paint on canvas, but sometimes I paint on small wooden crafts or recycled materials. I don't like the smell of oil paint, but I like the way that acrylic paint flows off my brushes and dries faster. My paintings are unplanned. I never know how they will end until the colors ”pop.” Use your imagination when you look at my paintings."


I have autism spectrum disorder and don’t drive. I am inspired and motivated to paint because it makes me happy and gives me something to do when I am alone. My only sibling and best friend, Zach, was killed in a motorcycle accident in 2011. I was more isolated then, particularly since I don't drive. I found myself painting more. The isolation of my studio gave me freedom to create. My paint and canvas do not judge me because I have a disability. Painting helped me get through a really difficult time just like it helps me deal with everyday problems. Painting is my profession and a big part of my therapy. Painting helped me get to a happier place in my life.


I have always been isolated due to my disability.  My autism has made it difficult for me to hold down even a traditional part time job, but It makes me happy to hear people say that they like my art. Art connects me to my community and to the larger art world. I am grateful for the opportunities that art gives me.

- Wiley Johnson