Raleigh-based artist Jen Matthews knew who her influences were from an early age – Ellsworth Kelly, Joan Mitchell, Frank Stella and her father. Most people wouldn’t have known that her father, who served as the chief of police in Jen’s hometown, was also a gifted photographer, artist, and master woodworker. His talents combined with the brightly colored prints in the 80s clothing store her mother owned, were the defining influences on Jen’s early art.


What began as puffy painted apparel and wild murals in her room turned into a lifelong journey for Jen, whose work is still defined by the bold, non-symmetrical, playful style of the 80s. While she doesn’t shy away from fun and funky styles, Jen’s work is anything but haphazard. Her canvases often start with big, loose strokes and Jen loves the process of tightening her lines and bringing detail to her pieces as they progress. You will find a mix of abstract and graphic styles in many of her paintings.


Jen Matthews holds a Bachelor of Graphic Design from North Carolina State University and is currently the Director of Design for the creative agency, Baldwin&. 


Selected Exhibitions
2021 Charlotte Russell Contemporary, Raleigh, North Carolina 
2021 Dress the Room Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina
2021 Art House Charlotte, Charlotte, North Carolina
2020 Featured on HGTV
2021 Shain Gallery Abstract Invitational