Raleigh Magazine named King Nobuyoshi Godwin 20 in their 20's

If you ask King his greatest ambition in life? “I want to do a good job in painting,” he says. And “I want to be a good person.”


As a leader in the arts community, King’s success is a triumph against all odds. Living with a disability, King was determined not to get stuck in a career selected for him—choosing to pursue art eight years ago.


Since then, he has garnered commercial and critical success. “Making art and making money from art is hard for anyone,” says Art Access NC director Betsy Ludwig. “If you factor in the additional systemic barriers King faced, you can see why his talent and determination make him a leader in the arts community.”


When he’s not painting or giving back via Artist Gala or VAE, you can find him enjoying his favorite music and flicks—and just generally being nice to people.


Two things the world needs a lot more of: Art and kindness.


Screen Shot 2021-03-30 at 4.00.43 PM.png


Age: 29 Hometown: Raleigh Alma mater: UNC-G You in three words: Innovative, perseverance, unabashed Local concert: My Papa’s concert, Thomas Taylor Jazz Mentor: My mom, Yuko Taylor Vision for Raleigh: I want Raleigh to be nice to all people. Best advice: Put my feelings in my painting. Love most about Raleigh: I have friends here. People are nice to me.

April 1, 2021