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Where Art Meets Inclusivity

In December 2020 / January 2021, by Olivia Gwyn

Jan 21, 2021


Charlotte Russell Contemporary Fine Art Gallery opens in Cameron Village.


Curator and arts writer Charlotte Russell has always been passionate about bringing more inclusivity into the art world. Her new pop-up gallery in Cameron Village does just that, highlighting the quality works of underrepresented artists, female artists and artists with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Charlotte Russell Contemporary Fine Art Gallery‘s inaugural exhibition, On the Horizon, is a two person exhibition by local female artists Grace Clark and Alexandra Chiou. The series of photographs and hand-cut paper artworks explore our connection with nature, the horizon line and its symbolism of hope and possibility. On the Horizon will be on display until March 26, 2021.


“During the global pandemic, people spend a lot of time outdoors in nature in a way usually designated for weekends or vacations,” says Russell. “For my first exhibition at CRC Gallery, I wanted to draw the natural world in through this selection of [Clark’s] photographs. I selected Alexandra Chiou… because her hand-cut paper artworks are rooted in hope, possibility and new beginnings. Her conceptual narrative fits perfectly with my vision for CRC Gallery and my hopes for 2021.”


Curiosities is a solo exhibition of sculptures by another Raleigh artist, Kelly Sheppard Murray, also on display at CRC Gallery until March 26, 2021.


Be sure to come back and check out the new collection, Art Ritual, on April 9. This exhibition will focus primarily on contemporary art and explore the ritual of art making. Featured artists include King Nobuyoshi Godwin, Rebecca Kaufman, Joy Tirade, Ethel Revita and Evelyn Reyes.


“Art has the power to change the way we view the world and our role within it,” says Russell. “Focusing on inclusivity in the arts allows for new voices, fresh perspectives and innovative art practices to be heard in the art world and beyond.”


CRC Gallery opened at 419B Daniels St. on Jan. 8. The gallery is open to the public at a limited capacity Sunday through Friday and Saturdays by appointment only.

January 21, 2021